Fall Floral Wreath


So I thought I’d share another project with you I did last year just so you can see how easy it is to do things yourself.  Unfortunately, I don’t have step by step pictures for you, just the finished product.

I was inspired to make a wreath after the fall season last year.  I found two gorgeous bundles of flowers at Hobby Lobby for 90% off the original price.  They were originally $20 a bundle so I got two bundles for just $4!  I already had a metal wreath form from a diaper wreath I received as a gift when Owen was born.

All it took was some floral cutters to cut off the flowers and some floral wire for tying them onto the wire wreath and 30-45 minutes later I had myself a gorgeous fall wreath for just $4!  Keep an eye out for good deals on fall flowers and decor after this fall season!

diy fall decoration

fall decor

diy fall decoration

Check out some of my other fall and Halloween decor to get some inspiration for your own home.

What ideas do you have for a DIY fall wreath?

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