Cute Window Shade Idea


vinyl lettering window shade

Our house is full of window shades because window shades keep bedrooms dark which promotes healthy sleep.  Unfortunately, most window shades are pretty boring.  After I stumbled upon adhesive paper, I decided it was time I spruced up Rylan’s boring brown window shade with a little lettering and ribbon.  I love how the window shade ties into the rest of his room now!

Game Plan:

1. Cut out vinyl lettering using a Cricut Personal Electronic Cutting Machine

Find a phrase or word that fits the room.  I went with “Dream BIG” because I thought it was appropriate for a kid’s room.  I chose to use different fonts for the different words but you could also do different colors too.  I only had white vinyl adhesive paper that I purchased at Hobby Lobby for $7.99 and used for making welcome letters on our garage entry door.

attaching vinyl lettering to window shade

2. Lay out letters on window shade to figure out placement.

I had intended for “dream BIG” to only go a little less than halfway across the shade.  Ha, it ended up barely fitting on the shade.  I am happy with the results but would’ve been very frustrated if they hadn’t fit on the shade!

dream big window shade makeover brady lou project guru

I used the width of a ruler as my guide for letter placement on the shade

3.  Stick vinyl lettering to the window shade.

I had a bit of a time getting my lettering to stick to the shade because our shade is textured and bumpy.  I did eventually get them to stick on none of the letters have fallen off so far, but vinyl lettering would definitely stick better to a smooth window shade.

window shade makeover with vinyl lettering

attach vinyl lettering to window shade

attach vinyl lettering to window shade

4.  Attach a strip of ribbon to shade using a hot glue gun.

vinyl lettering window shade

vinyl lettering window shade

vinyl lettering window shade

Wrap ribbon around to backside of shade and glue

vinyl lettering window shade

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