Where to Find FREE Digital Scrapbook Supplies


Buying scrapbook supplies at Michaels or Hobby Lobby can quickly add up.  It doesn’t have to in the digital scrapbook world though.  I have accumulated a whopping 30,000 digital scrapbook supplies and I have not bought a single one of them!   Here is where I have found most of my loot:

1. Shabby Princess offers a lot of quality kits for free.  They are some of my most favorite kits.  I recommend you download ALL of them!  Here’s a short sampling of some of them.

digital scrapbooking kit harvest spice

Harvest Spice

digital scrapbook kit download promise


digital scrapbook kit free download

Sweet Sprinkles

2. I love the simplicity of Suddenly Artistic’s designs. She usually offers up free word art or templates each posting.  You have to search a bit harder for her freebies because they’re spread out throughout her blog but the nice thing is they’re still available.  To get her downloads, just read through each posting until you find a “freebie download” of some sort.  You’ll definitely be inspired as you look at her posts.  What an artist!

digital scrapbook free downloads word art

Documenting Today Word Art

digital scrapbook free download word art

Love Word Art

3.  Craft Crave has new downloads everyday.  The site basically directs you to sites and blogs that are offering freebies that day.  There are so many free supplies out there, you’ll eventually learn to be choosy!

When I first started out, I spent 30 minutes downloading supplies each day for several months.  Now that I have so many supplies, I probably haven’t been to the site in almost six months.

free digital scrapbook supplies

free digital scrapbooking supplies

Click on the items you want to, and it will take you to the site that is offering it as a freebie for the day

What other places do you get free digital scrapbook supplies?

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