Tuesday Tip: Coat Containers with Cooking Spray to Avoid Staining


Hate the red stain chili or spaghetti leaves behind on your plastic containers? Sure you can clean the container and know it’s clean, but other food just doesn’t look as appealing in it.  My husband usually throws them away because he doesn’t like the look of them; my frugalness doesn’t allow me to do this, but I do avoid using the undesirable looking containers if at all possible.

If you get what I’m saying, then I must let you in on this little secret: there is an easy solution!  Just coat the container with cooking spray before you put in your food and this will drastically cut down on the staining.  I’ve been lining my containers with cooking spray for about half a year now and it really works!  We have saved a lot of money by not having to buy new containers!

cooking spray stops staining on plastic

Use cooking spray to stop food from staining plastic containers

pam spray stopping food from staining

Line the inside of the plastic container with cooking spray to stop staining

Happy Spraying!

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