September Etsy Picks


If you’re looking to go a bit earthy today, perhaps you’ll like something you see today.  I am so in love with the bed spring lights below and would love to have some for outside beneath out deck.  Perhaps someday 🙂

Bed Springs Eternal Lights sell for $50

bed springs eternal lights

Fleur, Organic Crocheted Sun Dress in Natural (organic cotton) sells for $55

little girl organic cotton dress

Rustic Treasure – Craft Paper Bead Necklace in Antique Brown, Green and Gold sells for $95

rustic paper bead brown necklace easy

Avocado Linen Table Runner sells for $50

nature table runner green

Tree Log Business Moo Card Holders sell 2 for $9

monkeys on the roof etsy

What are your favorite Etsy stores?

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