Pregnant Progression Photos


Do you have a bun baking in the oven?  Nine months into the pregnancy you won’t remember how your belly used to look or how you got to the size you currently are.  Here’s a simple way to chart and record your growth during those nine months.  The great part is, you’ll be able to share them with your little one when he or she’s all grown up!

6 Months Pregnant

6 Months Pregnant

Game Plan:

1.  Pick an outfit that you’ll be able to wear the entire pregnancy and wear it for every photo.

Dark solid colors work best

2.  Take the photos in front of a window when the sun is shining through it.

We took mine in the morning as the sun was rising and streaming through the window.

3.  Take your photos once every month or 2 weeks.

We took mine monthly, and then weekly the last month.  A good way to remember is to take it the day of your doctor appointments.

4. Post your photos on Facebook or send an e-mail out to close friends and family so they can see your progression.

This is an easy way to keep people in the loop without having to do a lot of writing.

pregnant photo shoot

4 Months pregnant

Pregnancy picture

5 Months Pregnant

pregnancy photo

7 Months Pregnant

Have any other neat ideas for pregnancy progression shots?

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