Photo Organization: Part Two


pile of photos

Today we’ll be tackling what to do with all those photos lying around.  If you missed yesterday’s Part One of Photo Organization, I strongly encourage you to start there and then come back here.

The video talks about how to get started with organization and then I’ve also provided a Game Plan below the video that has some short notes from the video for a quick reference.

Game Plan:

1.  Locate all your photos. This includes every little place they might be stashed.

2.  Put all your photos in one big box or container they can all fit in until you sort through them all.

3.  Depending on what you are wanting to do with your photos (Photo Organization: Part One), start sorting through them and putting them in smaller boxes.

For example, your boxes might be:

    • photos for albums to stay at home
    • photos to make into a scrapbook for son’s graduation
    • baby photos to put in individual albums for each kid
    • old photos to scan and make into a photo book for extended family
    • photos to give to other people

4. As you’re sorting through your photos and placing them into smaller categories, throw away any duplicates or low quality/blurry pictures. You don’t need to keep every single photo and don’t feel guilty about tossing them!

5. After your big box is gone and all your photos are divided into smaller categories, arrange them chronologically to the best of your ability.

6.  Label and date your photos on the back.

7.  Start with a box and begin one of your projects.  Start filling an album, making a scrapbook, or scanning photos.

I know it’s quite a hefty list, and if you’ve got a lot of photos laying around I’m sure you’re overwhelmed just thinking about the amount of time it will take to get them organized.  Whether your photo organization task is big or small, the important part is to get started.

I suggest picking a day of the week to spend 20 minutes on photo organization.  That way, every week you’re making a little headway but not getting overwhelmed.  Also, get the family involved!  It’s a great way to bond and look back at family memories.

What other suggestions do you have for photo organization?

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