My Favorite September Posts

This month I mainly focused on digital scrapbooking because I’ve had a lot of people inquire about it and it is a very large subject.  I did not even come close to covering all the basics, but hopefully touched on enough to get you started.

In case you were busy this month and couldn’t make it to the computer every day, here are some posts you’ll want to make sure you didn’t miss.

1. How to Make a Photo Book using Shutterfly’s New Custom Path

how to make a photo book in shutterfly

2. Where to Find FREE Digital Scrapbook Supplies

free digital scrapbooking supplies

Click on the items you want to, and it will take you to the site that is offering it as a freebie for the day

3. How to Use a Quick Page

how to use a quick page tutorial

4.  Digital Scrapbooking Over Traditional Scrapbooking

digital scrapbooking vs traditional scrapbooking

5.  Decoupage Name Letters: Boys Edition

how to decoupage letters

Owen's decoupaged letters are a great addition to his nursery room

What was your favorite September posting?

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