How to Save a Digital Scrapbook Page


If you’ve been following my digital scrapbooking posts, you’ve organized your supplies and downloaded some free digital scrapbooking supplies.  Now I’m going to show you how to save a digital scrapbook page so that on Monday when you make your first digital scrapbook page using a quick page, you’ll know what to do when you’re finished!

Game Plan:

1.  Create a folder(s) where you will store your completed digital scrapbook pages.

On Wednesday, we created folders to organize supplies.   Under your scrapbooking folder, create a new folder titled “Completed Pages.”  Within that folder, create subfolders for the different people or different scrapbooks you’ll be making. I have 3 subfolders: Family, Rylan, & Owen.  Within those, I have additional subfolders for each scrapbook.  For example, Rylan’s folder contains these subfolders: Rylan Year 1, Rylan Year 2, Rylan Year 3, and Rylan Year 4.

2.  When finished making your page, go to “File” and then down to “Save As.”

3.  First save your file as a .psd file.

You want to save your page as a psd file so if you need to make any changes to it, you can.  This format saves it so you can still manipulate the layers.  It’s basically like saving it as a traditional scrapbook page that has everything cut out and laid out where you want it, but nothing glued down so you can still change it if you want.

digital scrapbooking

4. Once the digital scrapbook page is exactly how you want it, you will want to go to the “Layer” menu and then choose “Flatten Image.”

This basically glues everything down so now you have one flat piece of paper that can’t be changed, although you still are able to do things on top of the page if you want.  Your page has been made into one layer.

5.  Go to “File” and then down to “Save As.”  This time save your file as a jpg file.  A jpg file is a picture file.

digital scrapbooking

6.  Upload your page to Shutterfly or whatever site you want to use to create your book.

It will upload just like a picture and when you make your book, instead of making multiple pictures on a page, you will have a blank page that has one big picture taking the whole page up.  Just drag your page onto the picture.

Make sure to come back on Monday to find out how to make an adorable owl scrapbook page in no time!

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