How to Organize Digital Scrapbooking Supplies


Organizing supplies sounds like quite a task, but not when it comes to digital scrapbook supplies, especially if you get started off on the right foot.  So, before I show you how and where to download free supplies in tomorrow’s post, I want to help you get the proper organization set up.

There are several ways you can organize your supplies, but I’m going to show you what works for me and you can decide how you want to deviate from that plan or do something entirely different.

When I first started scrapbooking I organized a bit differently, and then switched to this system because I found I could find what I’m looking for more easily.

Game Plan:

1.  To organize your digital scrapbook supplies, you will be creating some folders on your computer.  My recommendation is to file them under “My Documents” or “My Pictures,” whichever one makes more sense to you.

2. In that folder, create a folder titled “Scrapbooking”

how to organize digital scrapbook supplies

3. In the newly created “Scrapbooking” folder, create the following folders:

  • alphas
  • elements (stickers, ribbons, frames, brads, etc.)
  • masks
  • templates
  • kits
  • papers
  • quick pages
  • word art

These are just to get you started, you may need to add new folders after you’ve gotten several different types of supplies

how to organize digital scrapbook supplies

4. Try to keep these folders clean of other folders so you can see your supplies easier. If you compartmentalize them too much, it will be hard to locate what you have.  The only folder I have additional folders in is the “Kits” folder.

5. In your “Kits” folder, keep entire kits you download in their own folder and label it the name of the kit.

organize digital scrapbook supplies
Here are some of the kits I have and that is only to the Ds.

6. Take advantage of the search function (if your computer has one) to locate your supplies.

Here’s a look at what is at the top of my “paper” folder

organize digital scrapbook supplies
Some of the papers in my “paper” folder

If I wanted to find what green papers I had for a page, I would type “green” in the search box and it would find them for me in the “paper” folder as long as the file has the name “green” in it

organize digital scrapbook supplies

organize digital scrapbook supplies
My “papers” folder after performing a search for black

Let’s say I wanted to see what ribbons I have in my “elements” folder.  I would follow the same process.  I would go to my “elements” folder and type in “ribbon” in the search box.  The search function would find all the files with ribbon in the name and pull them up for me to look at.

organize digital scrapbook supplies
My elements folder before performing a search
organize digital scrapbook supplies
My “elements” folder after performing a search for “ribbon”

7. Another piece of advice for those of you just starting out is to rename your supplies to find them easier.

For example, the fish sticker below is named “CP_Peixe_03.png.”  The file name tells me nothing about what the actual file is.

organize digital scrapbook supplies
Fish sticker with it’s given file name

Because there is nothing identifying the file as a fish, if you were doing a page for a fishing trip and wanted to find some fish for your page, this fish would not come up in your search.  Thus, the need for renaming supplies.  When renaming files specify color, shape, pattern, and what type of item it is.  Here is how I would rename this fish.

organize digital scrapbook supplies
Fish sticker file appropriately renamed

Here’s another example of how I might rename a file to correctly identify it:

organize digital scrapbook supplies
Scrapbook digital paper file name given to it after being downloaded
organize digital scrapbook supplies
Digital scrapbook paper file after it has been renamed to identify it

Again, I suggest you do this as you begin to download supplies.  I have thousands of supplies now and for me to go back and rename those that have no identifiers would take me probably 20 hours!  No thank you!

I also want to mention that this method of organization works really well for me because I have an Apple computer.  If you don’t have an Apple computer, I’m not sure if the search functions would work as well because well, it’s been a long time since I haven’t had a Mac due to my husband’s love for them!

I know there are lots of ways to organize supplies out there, so what method or program do you use to organize your digital scrapbook supplies?

2 comments to How to Organize Digital Scrapbooking Supplies

  • Sounds like a great idea! I have been doing this for several years and have gotten as far as putting them into the folders: paper, mask, elements etc., so now I shall try your method from there. Thank you for such good directions!

  • RegencyFan

    I want to keep kits together so I have less search or colorization to do when creating a page layout. However, I like the renaming and name categorization ideas. I plan to use them to help me tag each element in a kit for quick Photoshop Elements searches.

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