Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial: Add Shadows


Today is the last day of this short digital scrapbooking series.  In case you missed out, here’s what we have covered so far on our digital scrapbooking series:

The page we are adding shadows to today, we started on three days ago.  On Wednesday, we started the scrapbook page with the post Digital Scrapbooking Templates Tutorial: Clipping.  Thursday, we added elements to our page and on Friday, we added alpha and text to our page.  If you did not those videos, you will want to start there before continuing on with this post.

Game Plan:

1.  Open up the page you have been working on for the clipping post,  elements post, and alpha post.

2.  In the upper right hand corner, make sure the drop down box is on “drop shadows.”

3.  Begin clicking on your layers one by one and adding shadows to each one.

I usually use a low shadow or soft edge shadow but you can experiment around.  Also, I do not typically put shadows on text written with the text tool but do on alpha elements.

how to digital scrapbook

Before Adding Shadows

how to add shadows in photoshop elements 6

After Adding Shadows

Be on the lookout for more digital scrapbooking posts in the future.  There’s so much you can do with it, I’ve only just begun!

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