Digital Scrapbooking Templates Tutorial: Elements


In case you missed out, here’s what we have covered so far on our digital scrapbooking series:

The page we are adding elements to today, we started on yesterday with the post Digital Scrapbooking Templates Tutorial: Clipping.  If you did not catch that video, you will want to start there.

Elements include everything from ribbons to flowers, frames to staples, and stickers to glitter.  It’s all the fun stuff you get to add to your pages!   Watch the video below to find out how to add them to your digital scrapbooking page.  Below the video will be reminders from the video.

Game Plan:

1.   Open up your digital scrapbooking page in photoshop elements.

2.  Open up the elements you would like to use from the plentiful kit.

I chose the teal leaf, brown leaf, teal flower, staple with no shadow, string bow, and stitching.  If you do not have the plentiful kit downloaded from, check out my post on where to download free digital scrapbooking supplies.

3.  For each element, drag it onto the scrapbook page, resize it, and angle it how you would like.

Don’t forget to play around with it’s placement in the layers to have it go behind and in front of other items on your page.

4.  To copy an element, hold down the option key and drag it over the element until a double arrow pops up.  Click and then drag your copied element to where you would like.

5.  Save your page as a .psd file so we can continue working on it tomorrow.

how to add elements to your digital scrapbook page

Check back tomorrow to find out how to add alpha and text to your digital srapbooking page!

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