Digital Scrapbooking Templates Tutorial: Clipping


In case you missed out, here’s what we have covered so far on our digital scrapbooking series:

What’s great about digital scrapbooking is you don’t have to waste a lot of time coming up with a page layout– that’s what templates are for and you can download a lot of them for free!

The video below will show you how to clip and manipulate papers on your digital scrapbooking template using Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.

Game Plan:

1.  Download the first template on YinDeisgns for free. I love Yin’s simplistic designs and you can check out her blog at

2.  Open up the template in Photoshop.

Make sure it is the .psd file and NOT the .jpg file.

3.  Open up 2-3 papers from the plentiful kit you should have already downloaded from after reading my post on free supplies.

I chose the following papers: orange damask, plaid, and teal (in the video I had originally chosen the dots but ended up changing it to teal).

4.  Click on the background paper so it is highlighted over in the layers section.

5.  Drag the paper you want for the background onto the template.

I chose the plaid paper.

6.  Click on layer 7 over in the layers section (the squiggly paper on the righthand side)

7.  Drag the paper you want to adhere to it on the template.

I chose the orange damask paper.

8.  Clip the paper to layer 7 by holding the option key while moving the mouse in-between the two layers and then right clicking.

9.  Import two photos into Photoshop.

10.  Click on the main photo on the template.

11.  Drag one of your photos onto the template.

12.  Re-size and angle the picture so it fills the frame.

13.  Clip your photo to the template photo by holding the option button and moving your mouse between the two layers so two circles pop up.  Then right-click.

14.  Clip your second photo to the smaller template photo following this same process.

15.  Click on the shape.

16.  Drag the teal paper onto the page and resize it so it covers the entire shape.

17.  Clip the paper to the shape by holding the option button and moving your mouse between the two layers so two circles pop up.  Then right-click.

18.  Save your photo as a .psd file so you can continue working on it tomorrow.

See you back here tomorrow to find out how to add embellishments to your page!

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