Digital Scrapbooking Template Tutorial: Alpha & Text


how to digital scrapbook

In case you missed out, here’s what we have covered so far on our digital scrapbooking series:

The page we are adding alpha and text to today, we started on two days ago.  On Wednesday, we started the scrapbook page with the post Digital Scrapbooking Templates Tutorial: Clipping.  Yesterday, we added elements to our page.  If you did not catch both of those videos, you will want to start there.

You can add text to your digital scrapbook pages two ways (really three because of word art but I’m only covering two today):  alpha and text.  Watch the video below to see how to add both to your digital scrapbook page, using your template as a guide.  Below the video are a few notes from the video.

Game Plan:

1.  Open up the page you have been working on for the clipping post and elements post.

2.  Bring in the alpha letters you want from the plentiful kit.

I chose L, O, V, and E.  If you do not have the plentiful kit downloaded from, check out my post on where to download free digital scrapbooking supplies.

3.  Drag the alphas onto the page and then resize them, angle them, and place them where you prefer.

4.  Add staples, buttons, or ribbon on top of your alphas to make them appear attached to the page.

I chose buttons.

5.  Use the texting tool on the left hand side to add journaling to your page.

how to digital scrapbook

Check back tomorrow to find out how to add shadows to your page and finish it up!

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