Decoupage Name Letters: Boys Edition


Here’s a cheap and easy way to make a room personal without breaking the bank.  I had a very similar post at the end of last month using this same technique to create decoupaged letters perfect for a girl’s room.  My friend Caroline wanted to put her little girl’s name up in her room and let me have free reign to come up with whatever I wanted…as long as it was pink!  I hadn’t even considered using a different color because I know Micara is a pink girl just like her Mom!  I liked the outcome so much I decided to make some for Owen’s room.

I decided to ditch the pink and go with some blues and browns.  I also found a more boyish font even though the letters cost more.  The wooden letters I used for Owen’s name I bought from Michaels at $3.50 a letter.  Lucky for me, he has a short name!  I added one extra step this time by adding on a wooden helicopter decal to give it a little extra something.

  • wooden letters ($3.50 at Michaels)
  • Mod Podge (had on hand)
  • foam applicator brush or paint brush
  • scissors
  • scrapbooking paper ($.29-$.69 each at Hobby Lobby, got them 1/2 off)
  • wooden decal ($.67 at Hobby Lobby)
  • super glue, craft glue, or a hot glue gun
Game Plan:

1. Purchase scrapbook paper to adhere to the letters. Choose all the same paper, coordinating papers, or mix-n-match to your preference.

Make sure the paper is big enough to cover your biggest letter.

how to decoupage letters

Scrapbooking papers and wooden letters I bought for Owen's room

2. Flip the letter over so the front side is touching the backside of the scrapbooking paper.  Trace the letter onto the back of the paper.

Make sure the paper pattern is going the way you want it.  Trace onto the back of the paper so you won’t get any pencil marks on the good side.  Continue this process for all the letters.

how to decoupage letters

All of Owen's letters traced

3. Erase any pencil marks on the wooden letters from tracing them.

4.  Cut out the traced letters. Cut a tad bit inside the traced letter so that it will fit perfectly when cut out.

Cut one letter out and see how it fits on top of the matching wooden letter to see if you need to adjust your cutting.  I hate to do a lot of adjusting with my cutting this time.

5.  Use a foam brush or paint brush to spread out a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the top of a letter.

Try to make the coat as even as possible.

how to decoupage letters

Adhere paper to letters and set aside to dry for 20-30 minutes

6. Carefully lay the paper onto the letter and press down.

Before pressing down, make sure the paper is lined up in all appropriate spots.  It is hard to remove the paper after it has been pressed down…speaking from experience!

7.  Remove all air bubbles from under the paper.

8.  Let dry for 20-30 minutes.

9.  Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper to seal it.

Again, try to make it a thin even layer of Mod Podge.  Air bubbles may pop up–don’t fret right now because really, there’s nothing you can do at this point anyway.  I had several come up and was very sad, but after drying they went away!  Yippee!

10.  Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes.

If you want, you can put more layers of Mod Podge on to create a stronger seal.  I only did one because I was afraid of air bubbles popping up and not going away.

11.  Attach wooden decal to letter with craft glue, super glue, or whatever type of glue you have on hand!

I bought a helicopter decal because I thought it tied in nicely with the vehicle paper on the “O.”  I chose to place it on the “E” as a way to make all the letters work together.  I thought the yellow on the helicopter stuck out too much so I repainted it with brown acrylic paint.  I’m wondering if I should’ve used orange instead.  Your thoughts on my decision?

how to decoupage letters

Wooden helicopter decal before

decoupage letters

Wooden helicopter decal after being painted brown

how to decoupage letters

Adhere wooden decal to letter with glue

12. Hang up!

how to decoupage letters

Owen's decoupaged letters are a great addition to his nursery room

This project is perfect for a nursery room or any child’s room.  You can also use the same process to spell out love, hope, faith, etc. for a living room or hallway.   The possibilities are endless!

What word do you want to make into a decoration?

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