Color Coordinate Flower Beds


Don’t know what to plant in your flower beds or yard? Fall is the perfect time for planting bulbs so if you’re looking for how to get started, here’s an idea: color coordinate your flower beds.

It’s probably no surprise I like to coordinate my flowers since I also like to coordinate my closets and pretty much everything I own!  I have a pink flower bed in the back of my house, orange bed on the side of my house, and by our front door I have purplish blue flower beds.  It definitely makes planting and picking out flowers a breeze because I know right where they’ll go.

I will say though, that I do have several other flower beds in our yard and they are not color coordinated.  I like the color coordinated ones better for pictures because they give a nice cohesive background that I can match outfits to.  Anyway, just an idea if you needed something to get you started planting this fall season!

orange tulips

My orange flower bed with orange tulips and tiger lilies

orange tulip

pink flower bed

My pink flower bed with pink tulips popping up

pink and white tulip

purple flocks as a great groundcover

My purplish blue flower bed

trailing purple flocks

Purple phlox

purple flower

attach flower boxes to brick wall

I even matched my flower boxes to the bed color

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  • Julia Bennett

    I have been looking for 5′ wrought iron window boxes like yours. I only found them one place, Ace Hardware. They are $80.00 a piece. I haven’t bought them yet but I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and do so unless I can find them anywhere else.

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