Toasted Bacon Cheese Sandwich

Love BLTs? I do…all except for the “T” part.  Tomatoes and I just don’t get along so here is my rendition of a BLT done my way.

  • bread
  • bacon
  • slice of pepperjack cheese (or your preferred cheese)
  • lettuce
  • red onion
Game Plan:

1. Toast both slices of bread

It’s amazing how a little toasting can take a sandwich from brown bag to upscale– or at least I feel that way when eating a toasted sandwich.

toasted bacon cheese sandwich

Toast bread slices

2. Cook bacon in oven

I always cut my bacon in half so they fit on the bread perfectly.

cooked to perfection bacon

Bacon comes out perfectly cooked in the oven

bacon cheese lettuce sandwich

Top bread with lettuce and bacon

3. Add a slice of pepper jack cheese or whatever cheese you think sounds good.  I like my sandwich with a little kick!

bacon cheese lettuce sandwich

Add a slice of cheese to your sandwich

4.  Layer on cheese and red onion.

Obviously add any other condiments and fixings you like.  I’m picky and like to keep it simple.

bacon cheese lettuce onion sandwich

Top sandwich with lettuce and red onion

5. Finish your sandwich off with your top toasted bread slice.  Enjoy!

version of the blt

What sandwich do you like to devour for lunch?

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