Make Your Own Children’s Emotion Book


Some people can’t go by a day without a refreshing can of soda; I can never pass up a great deal.  This past fall I found lots of deals on make your own photograph books.  It got so bad that I ran out of people to make them for, but I just couldn’t bare the thought of a good deal going unused…lightbulb!  I thought, why not make a book that resembles a children’s book you might find in a store.

We had been working with Rylan on trying to make faces depicting different emotions so naturally that came to mind and I ran with it.  The book didn’t take much time to make at all and it was a great way to teach Rylan about all his feelings.  Plus, it was extra-special because all of his family were the ones in the pictures!

make your own feelings book

Game Plan:

1.  Use a photo book site like Shutterfly or Picaboo to make your book.

2. Make a list of the emotions you want to represent in the book.

I chose ten and since they weren’t all technically emotions I titled the book, “So Many Faces.”

My faces: happy, sad, mad, surprised, confused, scared, suave, fierce, sleepy, and silly.

3. Enlist loved ones to help out and take pictures.

I let family members pick out which one they wanted to do and then they just e-mailed me the photo.

4. On a 2 page spread, use one page to be text only and the other to be a picture only.

Play with the font size and placement.  If you want more emotions, put a photo on each page with text underneath naming the emotion.

make your own emotion book

make your own children's book

make your own emotions book scared

make your own children's book

Make a book for your kids or give one as a gift to a friend or family member!

Does anyone have any other ideas for a photo book?

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