Garage Entry Door Makeover


Is your garage dingy, dirty, and marred? Most garages are but who says they have to be?  The door into our house from the garage was not the least bit attractive.  It was covered in dirt and all kinds of markings.  With a little bit of time on my hands, I decided it was time for a quick makeover.  I am very pleased with the results and actually enjoy entering our house now.

  • sandpaper
  • paint
  • smooth paint roller
  • new doorknob
  • screwdriver
  • adhesive paper
  • cricut machine

paint a door black

BEFORE: the garage entry door

Game Plan:

1. Remove door from hinges and knob from door.

2. Sand surface slightly to get rid of previous brush strokes.

3. Paint door with desired paint color using a foam roller for a smooth finish.  Let dry.

paint garage entry door black

4.  Apply second and third coats if needed.  Let dry completely.

5.  Put door back on or wait until the end (I did not have all my supplies yet so I had to put it back on).

6.  Attach new doorknobs if needed.

We are trying to get rid of all the dated gold hardware in our house so we replaced it with a new brushed nickel doorknob.  Sooo much better!

paint garage entry door black

brushed nickel door knob
Kwikset 740J 15 SMT CP Juno Entry Knob Featuring SmartKey, Satin Nickel
7. Cut desired saying using adhesive paper and a cricut machine.

I got a large roll of adhesive paper at Hobby Lobby for $7.99.  You could get it for a good price if you waited for it to go on sale or used their 40% off coupon to purchase it.

write welcome on garage entry door

Cut out letters from adhesive paper using a cricut machine

cut adhesive letters using a cricut machine

Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting Machine

8.  Adhere letters to door by removing paper baking and sticking them on the door.  Make sure to smooth out all the wrinkles and press down firmly.

I was initially going to measure and level all the letters but decided it was unnecessary and just eyeballed them all.  I used Scotch tape to temporarily hold them in place and get them in the right position.  I was happy with the outcome, but how anal you want to be is totally up to you!

garage entry door makeover

I used Scotch tape to make sure my letters were spaced apart correctly

entry door from garage makeover

add welcome to front door

A finished and clean look--love it!

I used this idea for our garage entry door but the same process can be used for a front door.

What other ideas do you have for making over a door?

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