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Have a little one in the house who is putting everything in his/her mouth? I do, which means I have to practically have eyes in the back of my head to make sure nothing goes in his mouth that shouldn’t.  I really want him to get acquainted with books but we only have one of those plastic/squeaky books that are safe for chewing.  Luckily, I came across an old project I did with my friend Izzy in high school that is the perfect solution.  Thought I should pass it along in case you were wanting more chewable books for your kiddo but don’t want to spend money on buying new ones.  Here’s how you can make your own version of chewable books using Ziploc bags.

how to make your own chewable book using plastic sandwich bags

  • Ziploc bags (whatever size you would like your book to be)
  • photos or magazines (whatever you want in your book)
  • needle and thread, sewing machine, or stapler
Game Plan:

1. Figure out what you want in your book.  There are several different options.

  • Use photos of family members to help your child get acquainted with far away family members.  This is great if you’re trying to teach names.  I would suggest mounting the photos to cardboard using double stick tape if you don’t want them to get bent.
  • Make an emotions book and have family members help out
  • Cut out pictures and photos in magazines.  Babies love looking at pictures of other babies.
  • Create a number book or alphabet book in a word document on the computer and then print it out.
how to make your own chewable book using plastic sandwich bags

Babies love to look at pictures of other babies

how to make your own chewable book using plastic sandwich bags

I created animal counting pages on the computer and printed them off

2. Based on the number of pages you created, get out the appropriate number of baggies needed.  Two pages will fit into one bag, but if you want a cover make sure to account for that also.

3. Line the baggies up, all facing the same direction. Then staple, hand-sew, or use a sewing machine to attach the bags together at the bottom of the bags.  The bag openings should be at the opposite end.

I used a needle and thread to hand sew the binding because I thought it would be safer than staples and has a cleaner look.  A stapler would make for much quicker work, but you may want to tape over the staples then to protect little ones from getting scratched.

make your own chewable book

My hand-sewn book binding

4.  Insert the pages you created into the bags through the bag openings.  What’s great about this, is you can change and update the pages whenever you like!  This is one book your kiddos will never outgrow because you can change it to fit their interests and when they get old enough, they can start making their own books and pages!

how to make your own chewable book using plastic sandwich bags

Insert your pages and then seal the bag

how to make your own chewable book using plastic sandwich bags

Have any other ideas for cheap toys/books to make your kiddos?

3 comments to Easy to Make Ziploc Bag Book

  • Kennedy

    Is it safe for a child to chew on the plastic that ziploc bags are made from? I have not researched it yet.

    • Brady

      I haven’t researched it either, but I try not to over stress about little things. When it comes down to it, nothing is probably “safe” for a child and he/she would be safest in an empty room but where’s the fun in that?

      I know that’s not what you are meaning but sorry I can’t help you with actual research information. Post whatever you find out because I’m sure lots of people are probably wondering.

  • Romie

    If it is food safe, as in forfood storage, it should probably be relitively safe. They won’t be spending several hours for several years chewing. It is a great idea and fun to do too. Happy Book making!

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