Clean Baking/Spice Cabinet


It’s only a matter of time before your cupboards turn into a chaotic clutter.  I eventually got tired of looking at my cabinet where I store all my baking supplies and spices and took action.  Our growing collection of cake decorating supplies had overtaken the bottom shelf and had no organization whatsoever.  Time to tidy up!

Game Plan:

1. Choose a cabinet and begin with one shelf.

2.  Combine “like” items into a see-through plastic container to free up space and create a clean, organized look.

I put all of our cake decorating supplies (candles, sprinkles, food coloring, icing, fondant tools, etc.) into two plastic containers.

keep your kitchen cabinets organized

BEFORE: my cabinet before, messy and full!

organize baking cabinet

I transferred my sprinkles to a plastic bag so they wouldn't take up as much space

organize kitchen cabinets

All of our cake decorating supplies are contained now!

keep kitchen cabinets organized

Halfway through the organization process- cake supplies organized into containers. Look at all the space they freed up!

3. If you don’t have a rack for your spices, I highly suggest getting one.  I already had one and just combined any duplicate spices into one container.

4. Put extra sugar, flour, etc. that doesn’t fit into your canisters in plastic containers so they can stack on top of each other to maximize your cabinet storage space.

My extra dry ingredients I keep on the right-hand side of my top shelf.  I eventually want to get around to labeling mine so when someone else is helping in the kitchen they’re an easy find.

organize baking cabinet

AFTER: I can now see all my spices and ingredients-- how refreshing!

Feeling motivated to do more?  Check out my medicine cabinet de-clutter transformation!

Don’t delay!  Take 5-10 minutes to organize a kitchen cabinet tonight.

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