Caterpillar Cake made with a Bundt Pan


If you’re in need of a cute birthday cake, look no farther.  This caterpillar cake is adorable and fairly easy to make.

caterpillar and bug theme birthday party

Game Plan:

1.  Use a homemade recipe or two boxes of cake mix to make two cakes in bunt pans.

Make sure to use the same bunt pan so your caterpillar will be the same shape and size.  We made one a yellow cake and one a white cake to offer a bit of variety.

caterpillar cake bunt pan

2.  Cut cakes in half and then wrap cakes in plastic wrap and foil to freeze for easier icing.

3.  On the day of the party, remove cake from freezer and lay out on a long cake board in the shape of a caterpillar.

caterpillar cake bunt pan

lay out cakes in a caterpillar pattern

4. Sculpt the head and round off the end of the tail of the caterpillar.

This is the first time we’ve ever tried to sculpt cake and it was actually pretty easy and made a big difference in the resemblance of a caterpillar.  Again, freezing your cake makes this process easier because it doesn’t crumble as easy.

caterpillar cake bundt pan

We used some toothpicks to help hold the caterpillar together at seams

how to make a caterpillar cake

We ended up putting a small piece of cake under his head to help hold it up.

5. Dirty ice the cake by spreading a thin layer of icing all over the cake.

The purpose of this step is to hold the crumbs in so when you ice the second layer, you won’t see any crumbs.  Some people even prefer to use their hands to dirty ice.  I go back and forth between using my hands or a knife.  We just used white icing on this layer because we ran out of time to color it.

how to make a caterpillar cake

I forgot to snap a picture before starting with the second layer of icing which explains the green head

6. Color your icing.

We chose a boyish blue and green color scheme.  I used a tub of icing for each color.  Normally, I make my icing but with vacation falling right before his birthday, I opted for the easy way out.  I used 30 drops of food coloring for each color.

how to make a caterpillar cake

how to make a caterpillar cake

7.  Alternate colors of icing to create a striped caterpillar.

caterpillar cake with bunt pan

Create a striped caterpillar with alternating colors of icing

caterpillar cake bundt pan

8. Create details and facial features on your caterpillar using candy.

  • black licorice Nibs for feet
  • Skittles for eyes
  • Mike’n Ike for a nose
  • gummy Life Saver for a mouth
  • Twizzler and gummy Life Savers for antennas

caterpillar and bug theme birthday party

caterpillar and bug theme birthday party

Check out the rest of our caterpillar themed birthday party.

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