Use Tulle to Wrap Presents


how to wrap a present using tulle

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll remember I mentioned I had A LOT of tulle leftover from my wedding.  I’ve been looking for projects I can do to use up my tulle.  So far I’ve sewn ballerina skirts and made a no-sew fairy skirt out of tulle.  When I got invited to my friend Teah’s bridal shower, I remembered I had the perfect color of blue tulle to match her wedding colors.  Tulle ended up being the perfect solution because my gift was shaped awkwardly and I didn’t have a bag that it fit in well.

If you have any extra tulle lying around or you’re looking for something to jazz up a wrapping job, follow these simple guidelines.

Game Plan:

1.  Make sure to cut tulle long enough to wrap around the entire package.

2. If you don’t want your present to be seen, put a layer of tissue paper around the present first.

3. Gather tulle at the top and secure with a rubber band.

4. Hide rubberband with a coordinating ribbon.

5.  Ta-daa!  No one is sure to have the same wrapping as you!

how to wrap presents with tulle

Check out what’s inside the present!

What are some other materials you like to use for wrapping gifts?

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