Trim your Budget Expenses by Cutting Your Family’s Hair


how to cut hair
Unless you’re trying to break the Guiness Book of World Records for the longest hair, it’s safe to assume you spend a small chunk of cash on haircuts every couple of months.  Believe it or not, this is an area of your budget that you can cutback on.  And no, I don’t mean by letting your hair grow, but rather cutting your family’s hair.

I began cutting my husband’s hair after we were married which was seven year ago.  The average haircut cost between $10-$30.  Most men get their hair cut every month or every two months.  At $20 a haircut every two months, I have saved my family $840 over the past 7 years just by cutting Jeff’s hair (and that’s a low estimate)!  On top of that, I also cut Rylan’s hair.  He has only been to the barber once and that was because we had a coupon we couldn’t pass up to use for a haircut. Plus, Jeff wanted some father-son bonding time.  You can save your family an easy $120 per person by cutting their hair yourself.

Is the thought of cutting hair intimidating to you? I totally understand and can remember back to those first days of experimenting with the scissors.  I tried to put on a confident face for Jeff, but inside I was shaking because I didn’t really know what I was doing.  There are lots of different ways to cut hair and style it.  When I first started cutting Jeff’s hair, I only used scissors.  The downfall of this technique was it took me 45 minutes to cut his hair!  After a couple years, I purchased a trimmer kit at Sams for $35 and used it on the sides of his hair, but cut the top with scissors.  Now I use trimmers for almost everything except around the ears because it saves so much time.  Now it only takes me 10-15 minutes to cut his hair!

In the video below, I show you how I cut Rylan’s hair.  I really wanted to film Jeff getting his haircut, but I needed him to run the camera so hopefully it will be clear enough.  Cutting children’s hair is more difficult because they’re squirmy and impatient.  I go into it looking for improvement not perfection when it comes to their hair!  Anyway, they basically get the same cut so the only difference is the compliance of the model!

cutting hair on a little boy

The finished look

Here are some hair trimmer kits that sell on Amazon I recommend purchasing to get you started. I chose all WAHL products because I really like the one I have and it has lasted me seven years so far!

How much do you spend on a haircut?
What tips do you have for cutting hair?

2 comments to Trim your Budget Expenses by Cutting Your Family’s Hair

  • I cut all the boys hair too… there was a brief time that Isaiah gave me such a battle during the process that it was worth the $10 just to avoid the fight. But he’s back on board now too. I cut Steven’s hair – he’s never been to a barber since we’ve been married. And I cut Lillie’s hair for the first time a few weeks ago, even though I vowed I would never do girls hair (if you mess up girl hair, it’s harder to fix!) But I became so confident with my success with Lillie’s hair cut that I cut my own hair this last time too! That’s 6 less in-store hair cuts per month! 🙂

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