Organize Plasticware


The cabinet where we keep all of our paper products and plasticware had been bothering for me a long time and I finally got around to doing something about it the other day.

The main problem is with keeping it all organized is the cabinet is super small where we store all our paper products.  I realized my organizational system was a failure; I had been storing spoons, knives, and forks in plastic cups.  Anytime I would take a cup down to access the forks I had to be super careful so I didn’t knock the spoon cup over and create an avalanche of spoons on my kitchen floor.  I had finally had enough of cleaning up the disaster area and knew a change needed to occur.  This is what I came up with…

how to organize your paper products

My attempt at organizing my plasticware before

  • plastic storage containers
  • labeler (optional)

Game Plan:

1. Buy stackable containers that will fit in your cabinet.

It’s important the containers are stackable so you maximize your cabinet space.

2. Divide plasticware into the appropriate containers.

how to organize your paper products

Separate your plasticware into different containers

3.  Label containers with a label maker or marker if you want.

I included a link to the label maker I have.  I absolutely love it!  It makes finding things so easy and gives a nice clean look!  Don’t forget shipping is free with Amazon if you spend over $25 or have an Amazon Mom account.

how to organize plasticware

My cabinet nice and organized with even more room to stack containers on top!

What kind of system do you use to organize your plasticware?

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