Organize Game Closet with Shoe Organizer


cards games go fish

Enjoy playing games with family and friends?  We are definitely a game family and are so excited that Rylan can now join in on the fun.  Sure, it’s just Go Fish and Old Maid, but it’s a start and makes us look forward to future nights of Monopoly, Rummikub, and Taboo.

So how do you store all those games?  Well, the big games are easy because they usually come in boxes that are easily stacked on top of each other.  Our problem was finding a place for all the little random items, such as decks of cards, dice, and Bunko sheets.  Then I remembered my go-to space-saving storage organizer: a clear pocket shoe organizer!  Why not?

This space-saving solution works great for us because we keep all of our games in a small hall closet.  I transferred any game that was small enough from the shelf to a pocket.  I put Rylan’s games down low so he could easily reach them when he wants to play.  We’ve got lots of room to spare, but I’m glad to no longer have cluttered and disorganized game shelves!

de-clutter game closet

decks of cards playing cards organize

A pocket is a great solution to storing our handful of spoons for the game Spoons

Honey Can Do 24 Pocket Over the Door Shoe Organizer in White sells for $11.89 at Wal-Mart.  Ship free to a store near you!

Other ways I use shoe organizers in my home:

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