Brady’s Favorite June Posts

1. Tuesday Tip: Roll your Shirts

I love the space I save in my drawers by rolling my shirts and I have also loved that they are not wrinkled anymore.  Plus, it just makes me happy when I open up the drawer and see all my tank tops organized!

how to organize your clothes

2. Budget Makeover Series

One of the biggest life changers for us.  We don’t just survive on our budget, but actually thrive on our budget.

create a family budget

3. DIY Paper Gift Boxes

If you know me, it’s no surprise this is one of my favorite things.  I love to craft and create pretty packages.  This post combines the two so naturally it made the list!  I use these boxes all the time and love that they make the smallest things, like a handful of candy, extra special.

diy cute paper gift boxes bright colors

4. Roasted Garlic Potatoes

These are so simple and so d-lish.  As long as I have potatoes, then I always have everything else on hand to make them so they’re a quick and easy go-to-sidedish.

recipe for garlic roasted potatoes5. Hotel Shower Curtain

I simple love the grand feeling it adds to our small bathroom.  Plus, the extra room is nice when sudsing up!

curved brushed nickel shower curtain rod

My Other Favorites:

What was your favorite post this month?

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