Get Rid of Bulky Toy Containers


Keep your kiddos’ toys in the container they came in?  Most containers are way bigger than the toy it houses.  I suggest you rid yourself of the big container and opt for a smaller option.

I got rid of the container Rylan’s little Lego set came in and put them in a plastic baggie (A slide-top would be ideal but we were fresh out).  Make sure to keep the instructions and put them in the bag too…that way you know which set they go to.  Now Rylan’s Lego set can fit perfectly in his toy organizer made from a pocket shoe organizer!

save space while organizing toys

BEFORE: The container the Lego set came in

keep your toys organized

AFTER: The Lego set fits perfectly in a plastic baggie

Have any other ideas on how to save space when it comes to toy storage?

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