Favorite Posts: July

Here’s my personal top five picks from the month of July, in no particular order:

1. Smoked Memphis Rub Chicken & Bacon Sandwich

Smoked chicken smothered in seasoning, bacon, and melted cheese.  What’s not to love?

grilled chicken and bacon sandwich brady lou project guru

2. Brady Recommends: Doorway Jumper for Babies

I love this toy and it was such a lifesaver for me.  Plus, Owen got so tickled jumping around in it.

boy bouncing in sassy seat doorway jumper

3. Tuesday Tip: Get Creative with Pancakes

This has evolved into a family tradition of ours and Rylan absolutely loves it.  I love being able to combine fun with eating!

pancake in the shape of a horse

4. Trim your Budget Expenses by Cutting Your Family’s Hair

I love to cut hair and I love to save money so naturally this post would fall on my top five.  Plus, I can’t believe that I’ve saved almost $1,000 for my family just by cutting their hair.  I really think everyone can do it so check it out and don’t be afraid to try!

how to cut hair

5.  Clean Out Cookbook Clutter: Part One and Part Two

I love only having a couple of cookbooks now and I also love having one place to go for most of them.  I use my cookbook binder all the time!

recipes printed on stationary paper

What was your favorite July post?  Which projects have you done?

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