Clean Out Cookbook Clutter: Part 2


Too many COOKbookS in the kitchen?  If you’re like most people, you have a bigger collection of cookbooks than you actually need or use.  Today is the day to start riding your house of cookbook clutter.  If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post, start with Clean Out Cookbook Clutter: Part 1 and then check back here.  This post will help you organize ALL of your recipes into ONE cookbook for easy use that will save LOTS of time!  Plus, you can use this idea as an inexpensive gift that has a lot of thought and work put into it!  

declutter your kitchen

Make your own cookbook that combines all your favorite recipes!


  • 3-ring binder
  • page protector sleeves
  • page dividers with tabs
  • food stickers (optional)
  • stationary paper (8 1/2 x 11″)
Game Plan:

1. Categorize divider tabs based on the number you have in relation to your recipes and place in 3-ring binder.  

  • Here are some options: cakes, cookies, main dishes, candy, soup, pasta, side dishes, appetizers and dips, drinks, breads, etc. 
  • My divider tabs have pockets which come in handy for later steps, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to allot to this project

make your own cookbook

Use divider tabs to separate the sections of your cookbook


2.  Print off typed up recipes onto stationary paper.

Use a different stationary paper for each section if possible


make your own cookbook pages

Type up your favorite recipes and print on stationary paper


3. Decorate the pages with stickers or pictures matching the recipe.  

  • If you’re typing up your recipes, include any stories or information on where the recipes came from or any special memories you have of the recipe.  
  • In the picture below is a recipe for the french toast my dad used to make us on Sunday mornings.  My mom included a picture of my sister and I when we were little eating my dad’s french toast at our little play kitchen.


recipes printed on stationary paper

A picture of my sister and I eating my dad's french toast when we were little.


4.  If you don’t have time to type up all your recipes, photocopy them out of your book or print them off the internet and then just slide them into protective sleeves.

You can go back later and type them up if you have time or just leave them as is.


how to create your own cookbook

A copied recipe I slid into a protective sleeve until I have time to type it up


5.  Have a recipe box full of recipe cards?  Type your recipe cards up too!  This way, all your recipes will be in one place and you don’t have to remember which one is where.  Don’t have time to type them up?  Just put some double-sided tape on the back of the recipe card, tape onto a piece of computer paper, and then slide it into a protective sleeve.  You should be able to fit a couple recipe cards on a page.

how to create your own cookbook

Tape recipe cards onto a piece of paper and then slide into a protective sleeve


6. Have even less time?  Take a major shortcut and if your divider tabs have pockets, just slide the recipe cards or printed off recipes into the pocket and organize them better letter.  This way, you still have all your recipes in the same spot, saving you lots of time later when you’re looking for the perfect recipe.

make your own cookbook

I used divider tabs with pockets and slid my recipe cards into the appropriate pocket until I type all of them up. At least they're all in the same spot!


alternate use for recipe card box

I love my recipe card box and am using it to store hot cocoa now!


7. Make a cover for your recipe book.

declutter your kitchen

I use this cookbook for everything and love having all my recipes in one book!


This project took me several weeks to complete so don’t stress if you can’t get it all done in one day.  I would be amazed if you could.  Take the shortcuts until you have more time to devote to it.  

The page protectors make the book super durable and it’s no problem if you spray flour everywhere because it can just be wiped off the pages!  The page protectors also make it easy to change and adapt the book as your food likes/dislikes change.

This is not only a great way to organize your recipes into one book, but it is also a great gift idea for a wedding or graduation.  Make it extra-special by finding out the person’s favorite foods and by collecting recipes from close family and friends. What a special gift that is sure to get LOTS of use!

Missed part one of this project?  Check out Clean Out Cookbook Clutter: Part 1.

Start today and type up at least one recipe or get the supplies needed for the project!

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