Clean out Cookbook Clutter: Part 1


Have lots of cookbooks covered with dust bunnies?  Has it been years since you’ve opened one of your cookbooks? If so, this de-clutter project is just for you!  It is time to get rid of those cookbooks just lying around and taking up space.  If you haven’t opened it in the past year, it is time to say good-bye!  If you only use a couple of recipes out of a cookbook, it is also time to say good-bye!  Given a cookbook as a gift?  Feel guilty getting rid of it?  Don’t!  This is not a good enough reason to hang onto it.  Cookbooks not being used to cook from are just taking up space and attracting dust!  Follow this simple game plan and be on your way to creating a clutter-free kitchen!

cookbook clutter

BEFORE: 17 cookbooks cluttering one of my kitchen shelfs

  • page markers (I used sticky notes)
  • computer
Game Plan:

1.  Decide what handful of cookbooks you can’t part with

Only keep those that have special meaning or that you actually use.  I am giving you permission to get rid of ones that someone gave you but you don’t use!  I kept 7, but probably should get rid of three more!

2. The ones you are willing to part with, look through them and bookmark any recipes you want to keep

declutter cookbooks

Sticky notes marking the pages of recipes I want to keep

3.  Photo copy those recipes, type them up on a computer, or write them on a recipe card.

There’s no reason to keep a whole cookbook when you use only a few recipes out of it.  I typed my recipes up and looked for them on the internet by typing the name of the cookbook followed by the recipe name and found most of them!  This saved me A LOT of typing time!

4.  Put the unwanted cookbooks in a garage sale box, donate to a good cause, or see if you can get money for them on an internet site.

Two of my cookbooks I could get a $1 for on an internet site and the rest I put in our garage sale box.

5.  Enjoy the space you freed up!

6.  Check back tomorrow to find out how to organize and better utilize your recipes!

de-clutter your kitchen of cookbooks

AFTER: 7 cookbooks remain...for now that is!

Be brutal!  Just keep the absolute best cookbooks!  You’ll be glad you did.

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