Brady Recommends: Doorway Jumper for Babies


sassy seat doorway jumper, 5 toys review

Ever need to keep you kiddo content and in one place?  Of course you have!  Especially when it comes to making dinner and the kiddos get crabby and fussy.  Well, one item I highly recommend getting for kiddos is a doorway jumper.  We got a Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper when our second boy, Owen, was born.  Oh how I wish I would’ve had it when Rylan was a baby!

The Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper is just plain awesome!  Owen LOVES it!  I put him in it at just three months old (which is younger than the recommended age) and he fell in love right away.  He didn’t do a whole lot at first, just kind of hung there and swayed a little bit, but now he hops and bounces his little heart out.  His little squeals speak for themselves in the video below.  While he’s jumping around in his Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper, I’m busy bouncing around the kitchen trying to get dinner together.

Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper has a 4 star rating out of 5 which is pretty good.  I would rate it a five myself.  This one has five little toys attached to it that provide for even more enjoyment and entertainment.  I have included the links below for the doorway jumper we have and also included links to similar products sold on

All of these products are eligible for Super Saver Shipping, so if you order $25 or more on Amazon your shipping is free for all items.  If you have an Amazon Mom account, your shipping should already be free.

kid boy enjoying sassy seat doorway jumper

Owen at 6 Months playing in his Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper

boy bouncing in sassy seat doorway jumper

Owen sure enjoys his jumper!

If you don’t have a little one, this would make a perfect baby shower gift– one the expecting parents will definitely not want to return!

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