Bedroom Makeover: Reading Chair


In case you haven’t heard the news or read the posts, we are slowly redoing our bedroom.  It all started with a new comforter I fell in love with at Wal-Mart.  Of course, the new comforter doesn’t match our existing decor exactly so thus a makeover is in need.

It’s kind of like the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, which by the way is my favorite book.  You see, if you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll ask for a glass of milk.  When he gets his glass of milk he’ll probably want a straw, then a napkin, until you’re eventually exhausted from getting the mouse all he wants.  The boy’s exhaustion in the book all stemmed from giving the mouse a cookie.

Now if you give me a cookie I definitely won’t ask for a glass of milk but most likely another cookie 🙂  And if you give me a new comforter I definitely won’t be satisfied with just a new comforter.

Next on my bedroom makeover list was a quick and easy reading chair makeover that involved a blanket and pillow.  Yep, it was as easy as that.

bedroom makeover

BEFORE: A sage green pillow rested in the chair

brady lou project guru reading chair makeover

AFTER: a new pillow and throw tie the chair in with the new comforter

brady lou project guru reading chair makeover pillowreading chair lamp green brownlamp green brown reading chairlamp reading chair brown and green pillow

The pillow I got at Wal-Mart for $13.  You can order it on-line and have it shipped to a store for free.  The throw I had in the guest bedroom downstairs and I think I got it at Kohl’s or Sam’s several years ago.

Hometrends Marmon Decorative Pillow

2 comments to Bedroom Makeover: Reading Chair

  • Kelsey Wise

    Looks great Brady! I wanted to tell you that I have reserved my upcoming weekend to make a tuffed headboard! I know you mentioned wanting to make one for your master bedroom. Have you done that yet? I will have to send you pictures once I get mine completed!!

    • Brady

      No, I haven’t done it yet. It’s a bit far down on the project list. Do send me pics. I will have to save it and post it with mine when we get around to doing it.

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