Tuesday Tip: Roll your Shirts


Today’s tip I dreamed up after I bought three new tank tops with my birthday money only to find out I didn’t have room in my drawer for them.  Oops!  Lucky for me, I like an organizing challenge so my brain got to working and I came up with this solution: roll your shirts for maximum drawer storage!

I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this earlier!  This tip is great for shallow drawers because it really takes advantage of all available space.

how to organize your clothes

Just looking at this picture makes me happy!

Rolling your shirts:

  • minimizes wrinkles
  • allows for more shirts to be stored
  • provides a clean look
  • allows viewing of all shirts

You’ll notice I also arranged my tank tops by color to save time later when I’m looking for a particular shirt or trying to match an outfit.  I used the same method of color organization when organizing my closet.

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