To Paint or Not to Paint, that is the Question

So, I need some help making a decision.  I am toying with the idea of painting our pole outside black but am not positive if it is a risk I should take and neither is my husband.

Here’s my thinking.  One, the pole needs to be painted regardless because it is marred up and in a sad state.  Two, I am always looking to add our accent color of black in and here’s another place to do it.  Three, black just seems more finished looking to me.

On the flip side, is black to bold?   Will it get chipped easily and then appear to be a polka dot pole?

To try to get a glimpse of what the pole might look like black, I Photoshopped a picture of the front of our house.

white pole brady lou project guru

Pole as is in white

paint pole black

Pole in black

So, what is your vote?  Keep the pole white or paint it black?

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