Organize Craft Supplies in a Shoe Organizer


Where do you put all the glue, sequins, scissors, buttons, and stickers used to make crafts? If your crafting supplies are in disarray, then you need to go get yourself a clear plastic shoe organizer.  A shoe organizer is the perfect way to house all of those small intricate crafting items.  With so many pockets, you can divide them up easily into categories.  Plus, a shoe organizer makes them easy to be seen.  No more digging around in drawers looking for hot glue gun sticks because you’ve ran out.  All of your supplies will be right where you can see them!

Honey Can Do 24 Pocket Over the Door Shoe Organizer in White sells for $11.89 at Wal-Mart.  Ship free to a store near you!

If you really want to get organized, use a label maker to label all the pockets.  How refreshing!  Here’s the one I use:

This idea can be used for adult crafting supplies or for kids.  I personally do not use one for my crafting supplies because we put in a large desk that is for my crafting supplies only.  I still would love to use a shoe organizer to store additional craft supplies but my crafting desk isn’t located near a door.  What a bummer!  My friend Jessica uses an organizer to store all of her girl’s crafting supplies– she gave me the idea and I just had to share!

simple and easy way to organize craft supplies

Jessica's little girl's closet door is where she stores all her craft supplies

how to organize craft supplies

A pocket shoe organizer is the perfect place to organize craft supplies

Other ways I use shoe organizers in my home:

Have any other tips for organizing craft supplies?

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