Claim Unclaimed Government Money


claim unclaimed property

Would you like to know where to find some money?  I know one place where you can check to see if any money has your name on it: your state treasury.  State treasuries are some of the largest lost & founds.

Don’t think you have any unclaimed property?  I didn’t either, but I did have some unclaimed property under my maiden name!  Now, don’t get too excited…the amount was only $9.07, but hey, I could buy several ice cream cones with that money!  My husband had $62 of unclaimed property…now that was pretty exciting!

I can only speak for Missouri because that’s the only place I’ve lived and have claimed property, but if you live elsewhere you can follow the same process using your state’s treasury website.  Missouri’s treasury department is holding more than $600 million in unclaimed assets in more than 3.5 million owner accounts. The average return is $365 and 1 in 10 Missourians has Unclaimed Property.

Game Plan:

1.  If you have lived in Missouri, visit Missouri’s state treasury website

2.  In the “Search for Unclaimed Property” box, enter your last name first followed by a space and a few letters of the first name.

If you have gotten married, make sure you check both names.

3. If it pops up your name, see how much money the state has of yours and follow the directions on how to get it back.  If no results are found, bummer!

All I had to do was print off a form, sign it, make a copy of my driver’s license and a couple other forms and then send it in.  You will get a check in the mail after it’s been processed.

If you have lived in other states besides Missouri, find out how to find any unclaimed property.  If you visit the link, it takes you to where you can click on the letter the state begins with, then the state, and it will take you to the state’s treasury government site.  I checked with Missouri’s and it did take me to the correct and official site I used above.

Did you have any unclaimed property?  How much?

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