DIY Spring & Summer Wreath


Have a gorgeous Christmas wreath?  Wish you had a wreath to hang on your door during the spring & summer months? Instead of buying an expensive wreath at a store, make one yourself.  Here’s one I made in less than fifteen minutes for only $6! All it takes is a little bit of supplies and you’ll have yourself a beautiful wreath in no time!  Here’s how I made mine…

  • twig wreath (Got at Hobby Lobby for 50% off $4.99 so just $2.50)
  • flowers you like (I chose small ones that matched my flowerbeds.  Got mine at Hobby Lobby for 50% off 6.99 so just $3.50)
  • wire cutters (had on hand)
  • floral wire (had on hand)
make your own spring and summer wreath

A twig wreath, flowers/greenery, wire cutters, and floral wire is all you need!

Game Plan:

1.  Clip off sections of flowers and insert into twig wreath.  Secure with floral wire if needed.

I didn’t even end up using floral wire because I just secured the stems under branches.  When placing the flowers, I faced mine all the same way and worked my way around the wreath.

make your own wreath

Clip off sections of flowers to insert into the twig wreath

how to make a quick and easy wreath

Make all flowers lay the same way

2.  Hang up!  That’s it!

make your own wreath

how to make a flower wreath

make your own spring wreath

blue and purple flower wreath

Any other ideas for a DIY spring or summer wreath?

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