DIY Coat Rack


Ever wish you had more space to hang your bags, purses, coats, and jackets when you walked in the door?  Well I sure did so after a year living in our house I went out and bought a cute little coat rack to put in the laundry room connected to our garage.

With four hooks it was perfect, enough space for Jeff and I to hang a coat, my purse, and then an extra one for whatever else found it’s way there.  What used to feel perfect began feeling really small as we began to have kids.  I found myself piling several coats on top of each hook, trying to make them all fit.  If only we had more room to hang everything up!

As I sized up the situation, I realized we had lots of wall space we were not utilizing and that’s when I dreamed up this easy DIY coat rack that is made out of trim board and wooden pegs.  It makes me happy just walking in from the garage now and looking at all of our stuff organized on the wall.  Oh the little things!

diy coat rack

  • masking tape
  • level
  • saw – hand or miter
  • wood glue
  • rubber mallet
  • pegs or hooks
  • measuring tape
  • wood filler
  • trim paint
  • paint brush
  • trim the length of your wall
Game Plan:

1.  Measure the length of your wall for the coat rack and cut trim board to size.  Use a handsaw if you don’t have a power miter saw handy

make your own coat rack using trim board and pegs

Cut the trim to length - Use a scrap piece of wood as a backstop to avoid tear-out!

DIY coat rack

2.  Level the trim board – use tape to hold the trim in place before screwing

make your own coat rack

Use tape to hold the trim in place before screwing

diy coat rack

Make sure the trim is level before screwing it to the wall

3.  Pre-drill and counter sink the holes for screws

Make sure to find studs to attach to!

diy coat rack

Using a drillbit/countersink bit makes this a cinch

4.  Screw the board to the wall

make your own coat rack out of trim

Fasten trim to the wall by screwing in screws

5.  Use a forstner drill bit to drill holes for the pegs – don’t drill too deep!

diy coat rack

6.  Insert pegs into the holes

Put a little wood glue in the holes first and use a rubber mallet to make sure they’re in tight.

diy coat rack

7. Fill in screw holes with paintable white wood filler.

Make sure to put more on than you need to create the smoothest surface after sanding.

diy coat rack

diy coat rack

Fill in screw holes with paintable white wood filler

8.  Once the wood filler is dry, use sandpaper to sand off excess filler and create a seamless trim piece.

diy coat rack

Use sandpaper to sand off excess filler

9.  Paint patched holes and pegs with two coats of trim paint.

diy coat rack

BEFORE: Four measly hooks to hang all of our "stuff"

diy coat rack

AFTER: 10 pegs-- what an upgrade!

diy coat rack

Now we have plenty of room to hang all our bags and coats

Don’t worry, I didn’t get rid of the cute little coat rack we had before. I found a new home for it…our guest bedroom. It fits in perfectly with the decor and will be a great place for guests to hang up their coats and bags. I love it!

diy coat rack

The old coat rack is a perfect addition to the guest bedroom!

Have any other inexpensive ideas for a coat rack?

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