Bedroom Makeover: New Bedspread


Has your bedroom not been touched since you moved in?  Still have the same bedspread? When we moved into our house around five years ago, we bought a brown/sea green down comforter to match our existing decor.  A friend picked it up for me on the day after Thanksgiving so I got it for $30 I think.  Previously we had an identical down comforter except it was white and had already gotten stained from various things including tree sap from our Christmas tree.

Anyway, when my birthday money began burning a hole in my pocket because I didn’t what I should do with it, I decided the sea green comforter had to go.  It looked nice, but it just wasn’t speaking our language as a couple.  We’re much more “hip” then our bedroom was showing us to be.  Thus, a transformation has begun in our bedroom.

I found the bedspread at Wal-Mart and fell in love with it.  I wanted to keep the wall color because I love the leather look of the wall treatment.  The colors are similar, but different enough that we eventually need to change our entire bedroom decor.  This will be a long drawn out process I’m sure.

So, enough of the blabbing, here’s the first step in our bedroom makeover: a new bedspread.

new bedspread bedroom makeover brady lou project guru

BEFORE: Sea green and tan with pops of burgundy

hometrends marmon bedding comforter set

AFTER: The lamps are new but not finished yet... a project to come

hometrends marmon bedding comforter set

hometrends marmon bedding comforter set

The Hometrends Marmon Queen Bedding Comforter Set sells for $69.88 at Wal-Mart. It comes with a comforter, bedskirt, and two pillow shams. Out of 212 customer reviews it has 4.75 stars out of 5. I would give it a 5 star rating personally. You can order this item and have it shipped to a Wal-Mart near you for free.

Hometrends Marmon Bedding Comforter Set

Other projects that still need to be done:

  • make headboard
  • art above the bed
  • new shades
  • art above chair
  • art above dresser
How long have you had your current bedroom comforter?

2 comments to Bedroom Makeover: New Bedspread

  • Marta

    Love this! Our bdrm is grn/brn–you have the perfect bed to transform by weaving strips of fabric thru the headboard. I almost did this, but our bed wouldn’t work for it(I was going to use ultrasuede strips)–give it some thought, I think it’d be a good fit.

    • Brady

      Love that idea but we had something a little different in mind. We are leaning towards a padded fabric headboard with a wide wooden frame. I will keep this idea in mind for a backup though.

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