Tuesday Tip: Use Bedding Bags as Shoe Totes


Ever need to tote around a dirty pair of shoes but don’t want to get the rest of your stuff covered with dirt? Now you don’t have to.  My friend Izzy gave me this idea and I think it’s absolutely ingenious!  Use the plastic or fabric bags bedding comes in for toting around shoes.

Simply slip shoes into the bag and then throw in your car, bag, or luggage.  You no longer have to waste anytime checking to see if they’re clean or not because they won’t be coming in contact with anything else!  What a great way to go green and reuse something that is usually thrown away!

go green with shoe totes

An orange sheet I purchased

store your shoes in empty bedding bags

This small orange bag is perfect for holding flip-flops

keep your shoes clean

A clear plastic sheet bag is perfect for housing these larger pair of shoes

Any other ideas on how to reuse items that are usually tossed away?

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