Tuesday Tip: Set Veggies Out to Encourage Munching

Not getting enough fruits and vegetables these days? Have any picky eaters? Wash and prepare your fruits and veggies as soon as you bring them home from the store.  Store them in see through containers so you can be reminded to eat healthy every time you open the fridge.  Also, set out healthy foods your family struggles to eat the 30 minutes before mealtime.  This will encourage healthy munching and might get your family where they need to be when it comes to eating their 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

container full of carrots

This has worked great with not only Jeff and I, but our three year old son who rarely ate any fruits and vegetables.  Now if I sit out a container of carrots or grapes before supper he doesn’t have to nag me about being hungry and I honestly don’t mind if he spoils his supper by eating an entire container of carrots!  Especially because tomorrow he may decide he no longer likes carrots!

What do you like to munch on before meals?

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