Say “Happy Birthday” with a Flower Fondant Cake


Have a special birthday or celebration coming up? We had my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday celebration a couple weeks ago.  To help celebrate the big day we put our cake decorating skills to the test once again by making her a cake  and icing it with fondant.  We knew it would mean so much more if we made it ourselves instead of buying a generic one at a store.
happy birthday with flowers fondant cake

This time was so much easier because we bought a Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter Embosser Set before making it.  If I haven’t mentioned this before, I agreed to Jeff’s proposal that we buy a new cake decorating tool each time we created a cake since we had no supplies to begin with and it would be costly to buy everything we would like.  I have to say, I really like this tool and it made making a border a breeze!  I highly recommend buying one if you’re going to be making cakes, even if you just decorate one every year for your kiddos’ birthdays.  Soooo much easier and kinda fun too!  It gives you lots of options for border styles and widths.  You can get the Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter Embosser Set on for not much.  Plus, shipping is free if you order over $25 worth of stuff or if you have prime shipping which you’re automatically upgraded to if you have an Amazon Mom account.

Game Plan:

1.  Bake two rectangle cakes and freeze

2. Assemble cake and cover with a layer of white fondant

3. Color a chunk of fondant blue .  Roll out blue fondant into a long strip and then cut out a border using the Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter Embosser.

how to make cake borders out of fondant

Make a border for your cake using Wilton's ribbon cutter embosser

4.  Attach the border to the bottom of the cake by wetting the backside of it lightly with water on your fingertips and then pressing it gently to the fondant covered cake.

It’s easier to do this with two people so get some help!

5.  Out of the same blue fondant, roll it out and cut out two flowers, one medium and one small.  Attach the same way as the border, by lightly wetting the backside of the fondant flower.

how to make flowers out of fondant blue

Use flower cookie cutters to create your flowers

how to make a fondant cake

Attach flowers by slightly wetting the backside of them with water

6.  Color a chunk of fondant brown.  Roll it out and using the Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter Embosser, cut out tiny straight strips to create the stems.  Attach to cake.

7. Cut out leaves using a knife and attach to cake.

8. Make medium sized strips of the brown fondant and then shape into numbers for the appropriate age.

9.  Color cream cheese icing purple using food coloring and then place in Disposable Decorating Bags. Make sure the decorating tip you want to use is in before you put the icing in. I just used a plastic bag and cut the corner off.
how to make purple icing

substitute a plastic bag for a piping bag

If you don't have actual icing bags, a plastic Ziploc bag makes a nice substitute

10. Pipe the words you want onto the cake and then use it to create the centers of the flowers too.
happy birthday with flowers fondant cake

If you would like to make this cake and are interested in getting some cake decorating tools, here are a few that we have collected so far and that apply to this cake. Remember that if you order $25 of stuff on, shipping is free if they’re eligible for Amazon shipping. All the items below are eligible for this deal.

If you used our recipe for marshmallow fondant, you should have quite a bit of fondant leftover. We used ours to decorate some cute spring flower cookies.
how to decorate sugar cookies with fondant flowers

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