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organize shoe clutter

Most of us women are drawn to shoes.  We can have an entire closet crammed with shoes, but when sassy red pumps look at us longingly through the department store window we can’t help but give them a good home…our own home being the most suitable place of course.

I have fallen for shoes over and over again.  It’s like they’re an extension of my personality so of course I need a pair to match everyone of my sides!  Let’s not forget the need to have a pair of shoes for every outfit too!  While I was growing up, at one time I had a total of 60 pairs of shoes!  I must say I’m in a good place right now compared to how many shoes I used to have…as long as I don’t have to include flip-flops in that number!

So the trick is, how do you manage to fit all those shoes into one closet?  Well, I hope I can help you with that.

Game Plan:

1.  Get rid of any shoes you haven’t worn in the past year.

Be critical!  If your shoes have dust on them like a couple of mine did, it is time to give them a new home!  Mine got put in the garage sale box.

how to organize your shoes

An old pair of basketball shoes and my Dr. Marten's sandals that weigh a ton!

organize your closet

Two pairs of dusty dress shoes...don't think I've worn them in awhile!

2. Maximize your shoe storage space with the right shoe organizers.

I found the one below at Wal-Mart and they have made such a difference.  My other racks could only hold 9 pairs of shoes, but on these I can fit 16-20 pairs on one rack!  They also take up less floor space and give a much cleaner look to the closet.  I was afraid at first because they seemed very flimsy, but I’ve had no problems with their durability at all!  They sell for $17.84 at Wal-Mart and can be shipped to the store of your choosing for free!

Mainstays 4-Tier Shoe Rack

3.  Organize shoes by type of shoe.

You can also organize by color too.

4.  Use an over-the-door shoe organizer for more shoe storage.

A pocket organizer is good for storing smaller/flat shoes. I use ours to store all our flip-flops.  In the empty slots, I store extra shoelaces and shoe polish.

Canopy 24-Pocket Over-Door Shoe Organizer, Rich Brown/Fresh Ivory only $14 at Wal-Mart

If you don’t have a lot of flat shoes, you may want to go with a wire over-door shoe rack like this one from Wal-Mart that sells for only $15.88!

Mainstays 8-Tier Over Door Shoe Rack

Here are my results after tidying up our shoes:

organize your closet

BEFORE: Most of these are just my shoes- Jeff gets one top row!

how to organize your closet

AFTER: I still have one old rack because the recommended ones are too long 🙁

organize your closet

BEFORE: Jeff's shoes & one of mine accidentally parked on top!

how to organize your shoes

AFTER: I wish one of the recommended racks would fit here 🙁

organize your closet

BEFORE: My flip-flops hiding under my clothes...sort of!

organize your shoes

AFTER: An over-the-door pocket organizer holds all our sandals & shoe gear!

Take some time today to figure out how you can maximize storage space for your shoes!

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