My Favorite May Posts

In case you’ve missed out on some postings, I thought I would give a recap of my top 5 postings from this month.  Oh, and they’re in no particular order.

1. Freezer Cooking: Burgers because we do this all the time in the summer and it saves me so much time in addition to getting rid of stress trying to figure out what to have for supper tonight.

how to make hamburgers for the freezer

2. Flower Boxes because I thought they turned out great and look oh so charming!  Wish I could’ve said I made them myself, but this was just a simple installation project.

DIY flower boxes

3.  Polka Dot Fondant Cake because I thought my husband did an amazing job making a cake that was oh-so-perfect for me!

instructions for making a polka dot fondant cake

4. Customizable Grocery List because it has made my life sooo much easier and saved oodles of time!

Customized grocery List

5. Ballerina/fairy skirts because they’re just so much fun and I have the cutest little models to show them off!

no-sew fairy skirt

So there’s my top 5, what was your favorite posting?

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