How to Make a Polka Dot Fondant Cake


Have a special occasion coming up and need a cake?  Perhaps a birthday? Sure you can go buy a cake, but it wouldn’t be near as special as one you made yourself.  Here’s an idea for a birthday cake that my husband made for my birthday this year!  He did an awesome job and it was the perfect cake for me!  Follow these simple steps and voila, you’ll have a pretty darn cute cake if I do say so myself!

instructions for making a polka dot fondant cake

Easy steps for making a WOW cake!

Game Plan:

1. Bake two square cakes and freeze

instructions for freezing a cake

Wrap cake layers tightly in plastic wrap and foil

2. Assemble cake and cover with a layer of white fondant

My husband was actually able to use the leftover fondant from the bridal shower cake we made the week before.  The marshmallow fondant recipe we use made enough to decorate two small square cakes!

how to cover a cake with fondant icing

Make sure the fondant will cover the entire cake, including the sides

3. Color a large chunk of fondant red.

4. Roll out red fondant into a long strip using a rolling pin. Make a strip that is long enough to go around the entire cake–use a measuring tape to check.

If fondant is sticky, sprinkle cornstarch or powdered sugar on the fondant/rolling pin.  Use as little as possible.

5.  Lay a yard stick on the strip and then run a pizza cutter along both sides of the yard stick to get nice clean edges.

6.  Lightly wet the backside of the red fondant strip and attach to the bottom of the cake to create a thick border around the cake.

how to make a cake border out of fondant

Make sure your red strip is long enough before you cut it out

create a red cake border out of fondant icing

Cut the red border strip to size and attach by lightly wetting the backside

7. Roll what’s left of the red fondant out and using a knife, box cutter, or some other sharp tool, cut out the initial of the person’s name.

8. Attach the letter to the cake by lightly wetting the backside with water.

9. Color a small chunk of fondant black .

knead black coloring into the fondant

Black fondant after color has been kneaded into it

10. Roll out black fondant and then cut out small circles using a cookie cutter or whatever you can find that will give you the size you want.

My husband used his wedding ring!  You would’ve thought we would’ve had something else he could’ve used but he insisted it was the perfect size.  Oh, and he wants everyone to know he washed his ring before using it as a cookie cutter…in case you were wondering!

how to decorate with fondant icing polka dots

My husband using his wedding ring to cut out black fondant polka dots

how to decorate using fondant frosting

how to decorate using black fondant icing with polka dots

What's left after all the polka dots have been cut out

11. Attach circles to the cake by lightly wetting the backside of the circles with water.  Arrange circles haphazardly.

If your circles are dusty from cornstarch or powdered sugar, dust off or use a damp paper towel to clean them.  Just make sure you use the same method for ALL the dots so they have the same look.

how to decorate a fondant cake with polka dots

Attach polka dots by lightly wetting the backside with water

12.  Stand back and admire your creation! Way to go!

how to decorate a fondant cake with polka dots

The finished product!

instructions for making and decorating a fondant cake

A side view of the polka dot cake!

What a fun cake!  It was a great addition to a very fun evening!  I feel lucky to have such a creative and caring husband!

instructions for making a fondant cake with polka dots

Happy 27th Birthday to me!

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