FREE Travel Size Deodorant


coupon for free dove deodorant

So I watched for the first time Extreme Couponing on TV with my family for the first time and I was amazed!  We were all sucked in to the unbelievable amounts of savings and watched three episodes straight!

I’ve been a couponer for awhile now, but I’m nowhere near extreme.  I must say I am motivated to put a little more effort into it now though.  I ran across this new coupon at and thought I would share because you can get a travel-size Degree or Dove men’s deodorant for free which is my type of shopping.  Just go to, enter in zip code 60606 in the top lefthand corner, find the Degree deodorant/Dove coupon, check it, and then print it off.  It doesn’t have a size requirement so use it on a travel size deodorant to get it for free at most stores.

If you find some other coupons for items you regularly purchase, print those off to and you’ll be on your way to some great savings this month!

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