Customize a Printable Grocery List


Dread making the trip to the grocery store?  Hate dodging in and out of massive cart traffic? I am so there. Grocery shopping is definitely not something I look forward to but it is a necessity of life.  Here’s a little something I do to try to make the trip to the store a little less hectic.

An easy way to save time and money when it comes to grocery shopping is to take a list.  I have to admit though, making a list is a bit time-consuming in and of itself.  Not anymore though.  I created a list on the computer of the items we tend to purchase every month and put checkboxes beside each one.  Instead of having to think about what items we need before I go to the store, now I just check the empty box as soon as we run out so whenever I head to the store, my list is ready to go!

Customized grocery List

A customized grocery list makes shopping a little bit easier!

Game Plan:

1. Create a list of grocery items you regularly buy at the store

You may have to prioritize and eliminate some that don’t fit.  Make sure to list the items in the order you go through the store.  This will cut down on your shopping trip time because everything will be in order and you won’t have to search for items on your list or miss anything and have to go back for it.

make your own grocery list

Print off three copies of your list onto one piece of paper by using the column feature in Word

2.  Make your document into three columns and make two copies of your list.  Leave several blank lines at the bottom so you can fill in items that aren’t on your regular list.

If making your own list, make sure to make your margins small to maximize your list length.  I used .5 margins on my list template.  If using my list template, just replace the text with your own.

3. Print list, cut lists, and use a magnetic clip to hang them on the fridge.

4. Don’t forget to checkmark the items whenever you run out or think of an item you need for your upcoming grocery run.

I would love to know if you found this post useful and how you liked using your list.
Let me in on any other ideas you have when it comes to list making.

4 comments to Customize a Printable Grocery List

  • I have a grocery list that Joyce Miller originated, I believe – it has everything categorized according to it’s location in the store (HyVee, specifically) So you can follow your list from aisle to aisle. Awesomely handy for my forgetful brain… that is unless I leave my list at home or in the van 🙂

    • Brady

      That’s awesome Jessie! Mine is categorized according to location for the Conley Wal-Mart since that is where I shop most. I have found this helps tremendously as I am too forgetful and by the time I get to the front with a full cart, if I missed something I don’t go back for it because it’s not worth the hassle.

  • Caroline

    Braid-Used your template list, subbed in my items, helped a lot. Will use this from now on when I shop–big help! THANKS! 🙂

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