Bright & Cheery Sunday School Room Makeover


Have a Sunday school room in need of a makeover? I noticed the pre-school sunday school room of my home church was in desperate need of a makeover when I was nursing in there one Sunday.  We had some extra money and decided I would redo the room if they wanted me to.

brady lou project guru sunday school makeover

Sunday School Room BEFORE

Before doing a project like this yourselves, make sure to check with whoever is in charge of the building before making changes.  Have an idea planned before talking with him/her so he/she can approve what changes you are wanting to make.  Also, if appropriate, talk with the people who use the room and find out what their needs are.

I’m not going to give step-by-step details on this project, but am hoping the pictures will inspire you to turn a dated room into something new.  I couldn’t have gotten this project done without the help of my friends Amy and Caroline who were so kind to give up their time to help me out!  I also couldn’t have gotten it done without my mom being willing to watch the two boys while I worked.

Since this was a pre-school room that is used for kids only, I went with a bright and fun color scheme to help inspire some creativity amongst them.

The first thing we did is brighten up the room by covering up the dingy white with a bright white.   I forgot to take a picture of the room before we started the project, but luckily remembered before we got too far along.  In the picture below, we have already painted the top portion of the walls the bright white.

brady lou project guru sunday school makeover

Sunday School Room after moving everything to the middle of the room

neon green wall

We painted an accent wall bright green. That will wake you up!

how to paint stripes on a wall

We used tape to make a stripe on the wall but I ended up free-handing most of it

In addition to painting, here are some other updates I did:

  • chalkboards
  • new felt board
  • curtains
  • green storage containers for kids
  • painted teacher’s chair
  • painted scripture
  • makeover bulletin board
  • red trashcan
  • modern clock
  • new carpet*
  • vinyl baseboard*
  • laminate surface on table*

*Schwada Builders redid these parts of the room.  What a difference they made!

how to makeover a sunday school room for kids

AFTER: Bright and Cheery

ideas for a sunday school room for kids

We redid the bulletin board with a simple message and pictures

makeover a kids sunday school room

I freehanded a scripture onto the wall-- took FOREVER!

See something you like? Here are links to a few of the products I used:

Your Zone Chino Curtains, Set of 2, Large Dot sell for $19.97 at

Sterilite 5-Drawer Wide Tower, White

It looks like they no longer sell the green ones online 🙁

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