Brady Recommends Reading: Heaven is for Real


review of heaven is for real book

I finished reading this book about a couple weeks ago, and if you haven’t read Heaven is for Real yet I suggest you find a friend to borrow it from or buy  it yourself.

My sister-in-law Tatum and my friend Brandi both mentioned it to me in the same week and I had never heard of it before then.  Tatum went and bought it later that week and was kind enough to let me keep it and read it.  I was reluctant about keeping the book because I rarely take the time to sit down and read a book because there is always so much to do!  Boy, am I glad I decided to keep it.  I had it read after 5 days!  I think Tatum read it in one or two days and so  did her sister-in-law.  I thought five days was pretty quick.  It’s a super easy read and can easily be read in short snippets of time– this is how I read most of it.  A lot of the chapters are just a few pages long making starting and stopping easy.

It tells the remarkable story of a young almost 4 year old boy Colton who travels to Heaven while being operated on.  The story alone is interesting and then you add to it the descriptions of Heaven given by a young boy and what you’ve got is a MUST READ!  I’ve always believed in Heaven and the little information the Bible gives on it, but this book made everything more “real” just as the title suggests.  I can actually visualize things now and perhaps understand a little more of what it might be like.

Heaven is for Real sells on Amazon for under $10.  If you order $25 or more on Amazon your shipping is free for all items.  If you have an Amazon Mom account, your shipping should already be free.

heaven is for real best seller book

Heaven is for Real has a 4.5 star rating out of 5 based on 1,051 customer reviews!  That is a lot of people!  Not only that, but it is on’s best seller list.  It is currently in third place and has spent 142 days in the top 100 book best sellers.

Happy Reading! What are your thoughts on the book?

4 comments to Brady Recommends Reading: Heaven is for Real

  • Becky

    Loved it! One of my favorite reads. Couldn’t put it down – read it one Sunday afternoon and evening.

  • Cyndy

    Just found your website, Brady, and love it…have already shared it with
    friends!! I read this book to my 2 grands, Samantha 14 and Hunter 12 during our reading time…they could have read it themselves, but each weekend before we go to sleep we this over 4 nights as they didn’t want me to stop reading!!! Cyndy (Becky’s sister)

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